WASHINGTON- Dr. Ronny Jackson surprised reporters on Capital Hill yesterday when he made an unannounced appearance at the White House press conference. Not only did Dr. Jackson provide a summary of the results of President Trump’s physical examination conducted on January 12th, but he also answered questions from the press for about one hour. Everything from the President’s weight and height to his hair-loss and dentures was discussed.

Dr. Jackson explained that prior to the exam he did not intend on performing a cognitive assessment, but President Trump insisted on it. The White House Doctor said that Mr. Trump told him, “People think I’m whacked out! I’m normal. The most normalist guy who ever lived, believe me”. This comes just one week after a letter was drafted by multiple mental health professionals which raised concerns about the President’s mental fitness to serve the office.

A Montreal Cognitive Assessment, known as MoCA was completed and is a tool used by physicians to detect cognitive dysfunctions. The test is 30 points and takes about 10 minutes to complete. A patient must score at least 26/30 to be considered “normal”. According to Dr. Jackson Mr. Trump scored a 30/30 on the test and he added, “not only is the President normal, he’s perfect”.

While many people, specifically Republicans, were pleased with these results, many on the left were not satisfied and a group of Democratic Senators requested a copy of the report. The White House denied this request citing doctor-patient confidentiality. But early Wednesday morning a source only known as “Nurse Deepthroat”, leaked the President’s cognitive test results to CNN’s Jim Acosta. A copy of the written portion of President’s test and Dr. Jackson’s assessment notes were released to the public and the results are shocking.

Left, a copy of President Trump’s written answers to questions on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. Right, Dr. Jackson’s physician’s notes.

On the left is the entire 30 point test. The first two sections require the patient to write their answers down for the physician to review, then the remainder of the exam is completed verbally between the doctor and patient. The doctor notes that the first portion of the test President Trump refused to complete. It looks as if Donald attempted to connect the letters and numbers in the correct order but became frustrated and quit. The words “STUPID” and “NO” are written over the task. Next, the patient is asked to draw a copy of a cube that is shown. President Trump drew a rectangle with what appears to be barbed-wire at the top and the words “TRUMP BORDER WALL” written on the rectangle. Dr. Jackson documented this and Mr. Trump received 0/2 points for those exercises.

The patient is then asked to draw a clock which displays the time “ten past eleven”. Dr. Jackson noted, “Patient drew an alarm clock then laughed and told physician that he was too smart for test”. He was given 1/5 points for this because his picture contained numbers. The last portion of th written part of the test displays three animals, a lion, a hippopotamus, and a camel. The patient is asked to write their names. Mr. Trump labeled the lion as “Lyon” and the correctly identified the camel. Written below the hippopotamus, in true Trump fashion, is the name, “Rosie Odonnell”.

More of Dr. Jackson’s notes that are worth mentioning is in the language section. The patient is asked to repeat a sentence back to the physician. The phrase was, “I only know that John is the one to help today”. Written in Dr. Jackson’s notes is, “Patient claimed he was only one to help today”. The next task in Language is to have a patient say as many words that begin with the letter F in one minute. Dr. Jackson documented, “Patient repeated “fart” for one minute.

While it seems that President Trump either did not take the test seriously or he actually is as demented as he appears, what is more alarming is the fact that out of 30 points he scored 17. One cant help but notice that the original score of 17 is scratched out and replaced with a 30, and if happens to be in the same ink color and handwriting as Trump’s written answers on the test.

After multiple requests for the White House to comment a two sentence statement was eventually released by President Trump. It reads, “This is fake news.” then adds a quote by Dr. Jackson which says, “He has gone above and beyond what I would consider a requirement to demonstrate his cognitive abilities.”

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