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PARIS- Fires continue to burn and Paris remains in a state of chaos since the start of Thursday’s Nutella riots. Scenes of anarchy were recorded by shoppers across France after the supermarket chain, Intermarche, offered major discounts on jars of Nutella. Thursday’s discount reduced the price of more than one million 2 pound jars from 4.70 euros to 1.41 (about $1.75) and sparked the beginning of what will be forever known as the Nutella Riots.

Fights broke out as shoppers pushed and shoved their way through the isles of supermarkets to get their hands on the hazelnut spread. According to Le Parisien newspaper, fights started at supermarkets in the northern town of Ostricourt, then escalated into shoppers trashing the stores when they would sell out. Intermache employees recording the carnage on their cell phones and posted the shocking footage to social media. “It got to a point where people weren’t even paying any more. They would fight and stomp their way to the Nutella, grab what they could then flee”, one Intermache cashier told reporters.

HashtagFakeNews obtained shocking footage of a man and his daughter frantically running as the Intermache supermarket they were just shopping in burned. The man told reporters that he didn’t know about the sale and definitely did not predict that riots would occur as he shopped with his three year old for a birthday cake for the child’s mother. The man, who wished to remain anonymous, said “We started hearing people screaming and crying and it sounded like a stampede. We hid near the greeting cards and after the crowds finally left, we started to smell smoke and realized the place was on fire. So we just made a run for it”.

Ferrero, the company that produces Nutella, said “the decision for the special offer was taken unilaterally by Intermarche.” Intermarche did not respond to multiple messages by the Associated Press seeking comments.

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