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ALABAMA- Swedish furniture retailer Ikea announced their latest product release aimed at couples who struggle for comfort while sleeping next to the one they love. Carol McSeveny, textiles leader of Ikea U.K. and Ireland, stated, “Getting enough sleep is of utmost important for us to remain healthy and optimize our well-being. This is why we have introduced this traditional Swedish sleep trend of using two single duvets instead of a double, in U.S. stores for a short period, allowing couples to select a duvet from the bundle that suits them.” The product, called the “TOG-ether bundle,” gets it’s name from Ikea’s “tog rating” system, a measure of duvet weight and warmth.

Ikea advertisement for their newly released TOG-ether bundle, featured two men sharing a bed.

The controversy began when the ad released by Ikea was featured on The Sean Hannity Show. The host, Sean Hannity, spent eight minutes talking about how “this gay thing is just disgusting and being thrown in our faces” and added that Jesus Christ would be very ashamed. He went on to state that with the money he makes from selling Americans bull shit, he never had to buy Ikea’s products, but if he did, he would destroy them.

Those statement sparked a trend on social media which showed rednecks across the United States dragging their Ikea products out of their homes, and destroying them. From running decorations over with a vehicle, to smashing chairs with a sledge hammer, hillbillies everywhere recorded their destructive protest and shared their stupidity on social media. One man from Livingston, AL, known on Twitter as, @BeaverEater69XXX, shared a video of him burning a coffee table from Ikea. In the video he says that he didn’t own any Ikea products, so he purchased and assembled the item just to join in the protest.

The coffee table purchased by BeaverEater, who lives in one of the poorest towns in Alabama, retails for $119 at Ikea. But, that sure is a small price to pay to join in a hate-fueled protest led by one of the biggest bigots on television.

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