WASHINGTON- The highly controversial President of the United States addressed the nation last night to the tune of cheers and jeers. While his legislative supporters on the right stood and clapped, his opponents on the left sat and grimaced. Although his message about leading the nation down the path to “Make America Great Again” will be held to much scrutiny at the proverbial American table, many reporters and viewers found more interestingly, his wife’s attire.

Not only did FLOTUS travel to the State of the Union alone, but she looked miserable. She seemed to tolerate her husband’s rhetoric about as much as a bigot could tolerate a female in a position of power. It appeared that President Trump was in charge of everything last night, that is, except for Melania. Mrs. Trump wore a white Christian Dior pant suit which left many people wondering, why? Well that depends on who you ask.

MelaniaWhile some suggested that the color choice, whether it was cream, white, or eggshell, was to support sexual assault victims, others speculated that it was to support white supremacy. The color White can represent a variety of things to many different people. In some cultures, White is symbolic of purity, light, and goodness, while others interpret it as meaning spirituality, heaven, or faith. So eat your heart out white fascists and take a cold shower Southern Baptists, because Melania didn’t wear that color for either of you. Hashtag Fake News has new information which can put the debate to rest.

A source close to the First Lady reports that Melania was making a statement. The source said, “She wanted to tell the public something about her husband, our President”. So what did she want to tell us? Did you ever go to the hospital or watch a medical show? What color is the lab that the doctor wears? How about the old school Nurses caps? When someone says hospital, what color do we think of? White. Why? Because they’re sterile. I repeat, STERILE. It turns out that pro-life President won’t have to worry about abortions any time soon.

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