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PUNXSUTAWNEY, PA — Early this morning the world’s most famous groundhog awoke from hibernation and emerged from his burrow to make his annual winter prediction. Everyone wanted to know if Spring would come early or if 6 more weeks of winter were still to come. And today, we got the forecast.

Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow when he made his appearance this morning, which means we can expect six more weeks of winter. While skiers and sled-riders were celebrating, President Trump fired off a series of bizarre tweets condemning the groundhog weatherman.
Trump Tweet 1 Winter

It seems that Mr. Trump was glued to his television because the tweet came only 6 minutes after Phil’s announcement. But it didn’t end there. Moments later, the frisky groundhog clapped back at POTUS.Phil Response

It surprised no one that Trump couldn’t let sleeping groundhogs lie and instead, fired back at Phil.Trump Response

The Twitter battle triggered a massive response by Democrats on Capital Hill who are voicing their concerns about the President’s mental health and starting a petition for his impeachment. The animal rights organization, PETA, is participating in the movement. Meanwhile, Republicans across the Nation have burned their VHS and DVD copies of the movie Groundhogs Day. Sarah Huckabee Sanders defended the President at the daily press briefing stating that President Trump will defend himself when provoked and it’s very apparent that Phil has rabies.

So if you’re marching with PETA or burning your Groundhog Day movie, don’t be too upset. Probably none of us will be around much longer with this type of leadership in the White House. Happy Donald’s Day!

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