HOLLYWOOD – Omarosa Manigault hasn’t let getting kicked out of the White House slow her down. Only two days after her January 20th departure, Omarasa announced that she had signed on to join Celebrity Big Brother. By January 25th, the former Director of Communications for the Office of Public Liaison was filming the reality show at the Celebrity Big Brother House with other wash up celebrity roommates including Amy Fisher and Tonya Harding.

SPOILER ALERT. Sources behind the scenes of the reality show tell Hashtag Fake News that Omarosa has caused quite an uproar on the show. On day one comedian Amy Fisher made a joke that Trump evicted Omarosa from the White House because she’s black and he has a history of evicting black tenants. Omarosa responded by throwing a glass of Gin & Tonic at Fisher which flew past the comedian and hit a camera man. Security intervened and were able to de-escalate the situation while the cameraman was transported to a local emergency room and treated for his injuries.Omarosa

The next day, not only did Omarosa break Celebrity Big Brother House rules by granting access to a visitor, but she also violated the shows no drug policy. Our viable source reported that an unnamed Congressman joined Omarosa for a “debriefing” inside the house and that the pair were sniffing a white powdery substance, assumed to be cocaine, off of each other’s naked bodies. Finally the show’s producers intervened and Omarosa was escorted out of the home by security. The episodes air on February 7th and 8th.

It appears that Omarosa’s life has begun to spiral out of control and she is starving for attention. On January 28th, only one day after being dismissed from Big Brother, Manigault contacted the A&E Network and for the next three days she filmed an episode of Intervention, that ends with Omarosa refusing to enter treatment. After multiple requests for a statement Manigault’s publicist finally replied to Hashtag Fake News and confirmed that Omarosa did not enter treatment on the A&E show. When questioned about Omarosa’s well-being her publicist reported that she plans to enter the Pasadena Recovery Center for the 7th season of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew. VH1 reported that along with Omarosa, Lindsay Lohan and Tim Tebow will also be receiving treatment from Dr. Drew. The show is expected to air in early September.

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