This Day in Future

February 13, 2043
LOS ANGELES -Reality television star North West is suing her grandmother and former agent, Kris Jenner, claiming she secretly elevated the commission fee on an anti-fungal cream endorsement deal.
The suit claims Jenner took advantage of West’s busy schedule filming and promoting the family’s E! Network reality show, Wasting Away with the Wests, by hiding a clause in the deal that bumped her agent fees from 10 percent to 50 percent.

North West Kris Jenner
29 year old North West, is suing her 87 year old grandmother and former agent, Kris Jenner.

This is just the latest battle between West and her grandmother. In November West claims that Jenner leaked photographs of her receiving Botox injections. During the shows Thanksgiving special, West confronts Jenner about the photographs and the drama escalates when Jenner, now 87 years old, splashes North’s white fur coat with red wine and tells her that she is acting like her “deranged no talent father.” Khloe Kardashian steps in and is able to calm everyone down and by the next episode, the Jenners, Wests and Kardashians are one big, dysfunctional, happy, family again. That was until Wednesday, when West filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Officially, West is suing Jenner for fraud, conversion, breach of fiduciary duty, and civil theft. In the suit, West is seeking a return of the endorsement money she claims Jenner took from her, plus a court declaration that she owes her ex-agent no more money. According to the lawsuit, Jenner asked her granddaughter to initial each page of an addendum to the actual endorsement agreement without explaining what the document said or giving her client a copy to read. West contends that she was in the dark for months that some of the proceeds from her endorsement of Monistat’s anti-fungal cream were being paid directly to her grandmother. She only discovered the deception when Jenner finally sent her a copy of the anti-fungal cream endorsement after multiple requests, according to the complaint. West terminated Jenner as her agent in January of this year, according to his lawsuit.

Jenner rebuffed these allegations, claiming West was the one attempting to skirt her contractual obligations to her. Jenner told reporters, “I will always love my granddaughter, but this is nothing more than a shameful attempt to get out of paying my agent fees.” While still representing West in December, Jenner negotiated with the E! Network to renew Wests contract for three more years to continue filming the family’s reality show at $11 million per season. Jenner was paid her 10% agent fee which amounts to $3.3 million dollars. Jenner stated that she intends to file a counter-suit against West for violating an agreement to film West’s 30th birthday party, planned for June this year, and sell it to the E! Network as a special episode of Wasting Away with the Wests.

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