LANCASTER – Natalie Suleman and Jonathan Gosselin have signed contracts with TLC for a new reality show scheduled to air this fall. Suleman, commonly referred to as “Octomom”, is known for giving birth to octuplets in 2009, becoming only the second mother to give birth to a full set of octuplets in the United States.

Gosselin became famous when his then-wife, Kate Gosselin, gave birth to sextuplets in 2004 after already having twins. In 2008 the family starred in their own reality show, Jon & Kate Plus 8, until the couple divorced in 2009 and the show was changed to Kate Plus 8.

Since Suleman’s rise to fame, she starred in an adult film, Octomom Home Alone, and has been working as an adult entertainer dancing in gentlemen’s clubs. She has also been publicly struggling with Xanax addiction, charges for Welfare fraud, and allegations of neglect by Child Welfare Agencies.  Gosselin had been waiting tables, prep cooking, and was working as a DJ before making his debut as a stripper at Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City.

Suleman and Gosselin reportedly starting dating in 2017, though sources close to Suleman tell Hashtag Fake News that she and Gosselin only started dating because they had plans to pitch a new reality show to TLC in hopes of cashing in on each other’s dysfunction. Apparently, their plan worked because TLC announced today that filming for the show, Octomom and Jon’s 16 Pawns, has begun and it’s set to air in September 2018.
The show follows Suleman and Gosselin’s relationship and the sixteen children the couple have in their home. The show only films on the weekends since Goesslin’s bitter custody battle with ex-wife, Kate Gosselin, resulted with him having only weekend visits.  TLC gave Hashtag Fake News an exclusive sneak peek at the show’s premier episode and we predict this will be America’s new guilty pleasure.

Viewers will see Gosselin and Suleman running their new startup housekeeping business, cleaning houses of wealthy homeowners in their town. They are seen putting all 16 children to work and they boast to their customers about how fast a house can be cleaned with that many workers. The entrepreneurs push their competitors into bankruptcy and life seems to be going good for the modern-day Brady Bunch, until a rival business owner turns the family in to Children and Youth Services and Labor & Industries. The ending of the first episode leaves viewers wondering what the outcome will be for this train wreck couple and previews only reveal more Court battles and financial problems.

So, if you’ve been missing quality reality television since the Anna Nicole Show, set your DVR because this mess will be unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

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