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March 2, 2021
Tomi Lahren sat down with Hashtag Fake News for her first television appearance since serving 15 months in a state correctional facility and another 3 months in a drug rehabilitation center. She shared intimate details about her journey from being on top of the conservative news world to hitting rock bottom.Tomi-Lahren-

In 2017 at just 24 years old Lahren thought her career was over after being suspended from TheBlaze in March for expressing pro-choice views regarding abortion. But not long after she joined Fox News as a contributor and was a “rising media star” according to the New York Times.

But in June of 2018 her idol, President Donald Trump, facing impeachment for obstruction of justice, resigned as President of the United States. “I was devastated. I dedicated so much of my life working for Great America Alliance advocating for Donald Trump and when he was elected, I was so sure we would have a nice, straight, white, America again. When he resigned all my hopes and dreams went out the window, along with my sobriety,” Lahren said.

Lahren explained that only days after Trump’s resignation, she ran into Ann Coulter in a green room at Fox News and the pair shared their sorrows. Lahren said, “Ann pulled a small baggy out of her bra and poured a white powder onto her Bible. She rolled up a dollar bill and sniffed some. She handed me the bill and I just looked at her. She told me that it helps keep her sharp and I thought if Ann Coulter says it’s OK, it must be. But it wasn’t.”

Life began to spiral out of control for Lahren as she found herself in a full blow cocaine addiction. She stated that she quit showing up for her scheduled TV appearances and when she started smoking crack, she blew through hundreds of thousands of dollars. By November 2018, she was broke, homeless, and performing sexual favors for her next fix. On a Tuesday evening in New York City, under the influence of drugs and alcohol, Lahren stole a car, lost control of the vehicle and crashed into Trump Tower. The situation got worse when a Hispanic Law Enforcement Officer responded to the call and attempted to place her under arrest. Lahren physically assaulted the officer and screamed, “We should’ve built a wall! Go back to Mexico”! She was arrested on slew of charges including aggravated assault on a police officer and a hate a crime.

12_00000Lahren was facing 8 years in prison if convicted on all of her charges, but her attorney, who was paid for with donations from a Go Fund Me account, was able to negotiate a plea deal for the disgraced news commentator. In December 2018 Lahren plead guilty to Reckless Endangerment, Aggravated Assault, DUI, Possession of a Controlled Substance, and Disorderly Conduct. She was sentenced to 15 months in prison and served her time at New York City Department of Correction’s Rikers Isalnd, in Bronx, NY. Lahren was Ordered to serve an additional 3 months in a drug rehabilitation center.PicsArt_03-01-09.05.50

“I honestly thought I would die in prison, but I didn’t really care if I did. It was awful. But I got through it and went to rehab. It worked out because I met the love of my life there. His name is Alteriek and he works in sales. I couldn’t be happier now,” Lahren said.Lahren told Hashtag Fake News that her life is getting back on track but is unemployed because she says no one will hire her since she’d on parole. She is currently living in a Jamaica, Queens public housing development and receiving Government Assistance in the form of Food Stamps and Medical Assistance. When asked if she felt like a hypocrite for being the person she had anyways looked down on and criticized, Lahren replied, “Yea I do. I am. But you know what, I’m sober. And life is blessed.”10_00000*UPDATE*
Since interviewing Lahren for this story she has been evicted from her apartment for allowing her paramour, Altariek, live in the apartment without being on the lease. She no longer qualifies for Housing Assistance and is now homeless. Altariek ended his relationship with Lahren and she is now living on the streets in New York City. It is unknown if she is still sober or if she has relapsed.

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