ATLANTA – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and U.S. Food and Drug Administration have joined efforts to investigate grave new issues arising with the flu shot vaccine. There have been multiple reports out of over ten states that people are having substantial side effects causing their flesh to deteriorate near the injection site and spreading across other parts of the body.  

Medical professionals are comparing the symptoms to that of Desomorphine, a dangerous, heroin-like narcotic popular in Russia and Ukraine. Nicknamed Krokidil,  Desomorphine causes the skin to turn a scaly, reptilian green around the area where it is injected before rupturing blood vessels and causing skin and muscle tissue to rot from the inside,  leaving users’ bones exposed through gaping holes.CDC Director, Anne Schuchat, told Hashtag Fake News,  “at this time our information suggests that the affected patients were all administered the vaccine, Fluexson, which is only approved for adults aged 18 through 64.” According to Mylo Pharmaceuticals, the vaccine producer, a cell-grown H3N2 vaccine reference virus was used to produce the H3N2 component of the cell-based vaccine, Fluexson. The remaining components were manufactured using egg-grown reference viruses that had been imported from a Russian manufacturer and distributor.

Flu Shot_00000
Physicians dressed in hazmat gear attempt to treat a Pennsylvania woman in the hospital’s isolation unit.

The CDC is calling on Washington Lawmakers to open an official inquiry into how and what contaminated the vaccine. “We are working tirelessly with the FDA and other local Government agencies to come up with an antibody but this is beyond our capabilities. Washington needs to step up and do something to prevent this from becoming a widespread epidemic,” Schuchat said.

HFN spoke with one patient who described her terrifying experience inside the ER while waiting to be treated for bronchitis. ”It’s a madhouse in there! I slipped on a piece of skin and hurt my elbow. There are pieces of flesh stuck to the chairs in the waiting room,” the woman said. Patients at the hospital were asked to leave while hospital staff isolated the infected patients and dressed staff in hazmat gear. 

Flu Shot_00001It is unknown if these symptoms are contagious and there is speculation that the some or all parts of the Fluexson vaccine were intentionally contaminated. Hashtag Fake News reached out to the White House for comment since there has been no tweet, but Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, simply replied, “he’s golfing.”

-Submitted by a Contributing Writer

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