TEMPE – On Thursday Hashtag Fake News reported that two women were arrested after broadcasting themselves vandalizing and stealing from a Mosque on March 4th. Tahnee Gonzales and Elizabeth Dauenhauer, are both facing felony burglary charges after that video went viral. The video shows the two women mocking Muslims for nearly 25 minutes and encouraging the children with them to do the same.

After their March 15th arrests, Maricopa County Child Protective Services removed the two children from the care and custody of Gonzales citing her criminal record including prior convictions for drug possession and DUI. The Social Worker assigned to the case, Akilah Abidi, told HFN that the decision to remove children is ultimately up to the Courts.

Judge Abdul Rahim Bakhari, agreed with the Social Services Agency and Ordered that the children be placed in Foster Care. Adal and Fatima Abbasi are the Foster Parents who have been caring for the children since their removal and report that they are thriving in their care. One of those children took to Social Media on Saturday to express that she wanted to stay in the foster home because being taught hate everyday was “exhausting.”

Gonzales removed the footage after being contacted by The Arizona Republic on Tuesday, though HFN was able to obtain the full and original video and it can be viewed here:

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