WASHINGTON – Earlier today, President Trump enjoyed a breakfast at Mar-a-Lago, played some golf, then argued with the First Lady. A source close to the family told Hashtag Fake News that the couple’s relationship has “been on the rocks” for several months.

According to our source, Mrs. Trump informed her husband that she would be staying in Florida on Sunday instead of returning to D.C. with him. This outraged President Trump and he told Melania that this brings unwanted attention when she behaves like this and she needs to “grow up.”

Trump returned to Washington alone around 6:30pm on Sunday night while FLOTUS and Barron remained in Mar-a-Lago for “spring break.”

The Stormy Daniels interview on 60 Minutes aired Sunday evening at 7pm, so Mr. Trump secluded himself in the White House Theater, only calling on staff twice to bring him diet cokes. HFN obtained a photo taken from inside the White House theater, which shows President Trump alone, and watching the 60 Minutes interview.pic_00000HFN was told by sources that Mrs. Trump watched the interview after Barron went to bed. HFN reached out the White House for comment but none of our calls have been returned.


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