NEW YORK – Earlier today FBI Agents raided the office of President Trump’s attorney, Michael Cohen. Cohen has been making headlines lately after claiming that he made a $130,000 payment in hush money to porn star, Stormy Daniels, without Trumps knowledge. HFN has been told that Agents conducted the raid in search for documents and other information pertaining to that payment.

But sources inside the U.S. Justice Department have now provided HFN with new information about the search at Cohen’s office. Agents have obtained shocking evidence including emails and photos which reveal a 2012 extramarital affair between Donald Trump and then-Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

Emails begin in 2012 just days before Secretary Clinton’s September 28th trip to New York City, where she was scheduled to host the Friends of the Syrian People Ministerial. Trump asks Clinton, “How are you sweety? Just saw on the news that you’ll be in the City next week, can I see you?”
Two days go by before Clinton replies to inform Trump that she would not be alone during her trip. Clinton tells Trump that her husband, Former President Bill Clinton, would be traveling with her to New York City, because he was scheduled to host the Clinton Global Initiative on the same day as her event.Email2The following morning Trump asks Clinton where she planned to stay during her trip and she replies telling him that she and Bill would be staying at the Sheraton Towers Hotel.
Later that evening Trump emails Clinton again to say, “Was just told that your meeting is at Waldorf Astoria. I booked the Luxury Sweet for the weekend. But it’d be a lot sweeter if you were there.” Clinton replies with, “It is going to be there. We’ll be in the Starlight Roof conference room. Have to wait and see. Maybe I can cum!”EmailsThe last email obtained by HFN is Trump’s response to that message when he tells Clinton, “The Starlight Roof? You’ll be right on top of me. You’ll cum. I know you will.” He then adds what appears to be a smiley face at the end of the message.Emails5HFN was also provided with a photograph from the encounter, and although investigators are still unsure who took the picture or how, authorities have confirmed it’s authenticity. The image shows Trump and Clinton in the Luxury Suite at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and it does not appear to be a business meeting.PhotoHashtag Fake News has reached out to the White House and the Clintons for a comment, but so far we have received no response. HFN will continue to bring you the latest updates on this story as they develop.

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