WASHINGTON – On Wednesday, five Republican congressional leaders joined president trump at the White House for a private dinner. Many wondered what the topic of discussion at the dinner table would be that evening. With House Speaker Paul Ryan’s retirement announcement and the feds raiding Trump attorney Michael Cohens home and office earlier that day, there was plenty to talk about.Republicans TrumpWhen asked if the Mueller investigation was discussed, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn told reporters, “It didn’t come up.” According to Cornyn, they talked about immigration reform, military action in Syria and the 2018 legislative agenda. A source in the White House tells HFN that the republican leaders were able to get Trump on board with a controversial new bill being brought to the floor in May this year.

We’ve all seen the signs outside of grocery stores, malls, and even liquor stores. They are usually placed in the first parking spots next to handicap spaces and read, “Reserved for Expectant Mothers.” These parking spaces are positioned close to the entrance of the store so that pregnant mothers dont have to walk a long distance from their vehicle to do some shopping. Unlike illegally parking in a handicap spot, there is no law to enforce penalties on non-expectant shoppers who park in these spaces. That will end if Republicans have their way and pass H.R.1877 – Inspection and Enforcement for Expectant Mothers Parking.

Woman and signThe proposed law will slap a $300 fine on citizens who illegally park in these spaces reserved for pregnant women. President Trump made a valid argument though, “How do we know if these broads are pregnant and not just fat?,” he asked according to a source who attended that meeting. Republican lawmakers have an answer to that question included in the bill.

According to the bill, If a law enforcement officer encounters a woman who claims to be pregnant but the officer is unsure if she is overweight or pregnant, they can detain the woman to the police cruiser to perform an ultrasound. Law enforcement officers will be equipped with a portable ultrasound scanner machine system and complete an extensive 3 hour training course on how to effectively use the machine.Portable Ultrasound MachineIf the officer is still unable to determine if the image they are viewing is a fetus or not, they will have the authority to transport the suspect back to the police station where the Chief of Police will complete a transvaginal ultrasound. This internal examination will only be conducted by the Chief of Police who has completed a two part 6 hour online training course.Transvaginal MachineIn an attempt to ensure equality between men and women, if a man is seen parking in these reserved spaces and tells an officer that he has a pregnant wife or paramour at home, they will not be detained but will be encouraged to limit their shopping time to one hour.

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