NEW YORK – The Trump Administration has been scrambling this week for answers regarding the FBI raid on Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s home and office. President Trump told reporters that Cohen’s office was “broken into” and now the Commander in Chief is demanding to see the evidence that warranted a search and confiscation of his attorney’s most intimate and confidential files.

Cohen’s defense attorneys claimed in federal court yesterday that some of the seized records are privileged because Cohen represented another unnamed client. Federal Prosecutors argued that the name of that client be released, and the Judge agreed. Gasps could be heard in the courtroom when it was revealed that the other client of Mr. Cohen is none other than Fox News Anchor and Trump supporter, Sean Hannity. This revelation hasn’t had any real impact on Hannity, however, HFN has reason to believe there may be more at foot here than what is being let on. Or, should we say there is justification to the Trump Administration’s Gestapo paced damage control.

There has been much speculation that Mr. Hannity is a part of the global propagandist Trump Regime. Supporters of the President argue that this isn’t possible because Trump hates the news media. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only is Mr. Trump a regular viewer of all news outlets, he also praises and retweets any positive stories that are written about him. There is an eerie correlation between Trump’s tweets about breaking news and the aforementioned Fox News releasing statements on those stories. When confronted with these facts, Trump supporters use the President’s favorite attack on reporters with information not favorable to him, and shout “FAKE NEWS.”Trump Hannity_00000Not only is Fox News late to report on major developing stories, but the company’s information is historically inaccurate. So when naysayers scream “Fake News,” we put a hashtag in front of it and say our name with pride, Hashtag Fake News.

But perhaps there is more at play here. If Trump convinces us that he hates the news media, then we would be less likely to suspect him of colluding with it. So which mainstream media outlet rarely criticizes Trump and even paints his agenda in a positive light? You guessed it, Fox News.
For the Trump Regime to really keep a hold on power they not only need to prevail on the cyber battlefield, but they need to dominate the every day, in your face, news wire. And they’ve been doing it quite well. Trump creates enough chaos and distrust that citizens follow their emotions over to Fox News, where Sean Hannity awaits their arrival.

HFN has been speaking with multiple sources close to the President who claim that Michael Cohen representing Trump and Hannity is not just a coincidence. We’ve been told that Cohen has been acting as the string between the two cups, allowing Trump and Hannity to communicate and coordinate their efforts in shaping the minds of American citizens. With the lid on this can of crude sardines being ripped open by the Mueller investigation, these dead fish are trying to swim back to life. President Trump and Sean Hannity are well aware that Mueller is closing in on the administration, so the goal is now to convince the public that the swamp is being drained and no one can be trusted other than the President.

The President using a news anchor to pump out propaganda is not illegal, so it is still unknown what laws were broken by Cohen for a Judge to issue a search warrant for his home and office. HFN has learned that Cohen had audio recordings of some of these meetings, so it is only a matter of time until the truth comes out. HFN Chief Investigate Reporter, Robert Seakay will continue to work this story and bring you updates as they develop.

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