NEW YORK – Trump attorney Michael Cohen made headlines last week after his office in NYC was raided by FBI agents. The news continued to break when it was later revealed in federal court that Cohen not only represented Donald Trump, but he also had another infamous client, Fox News anchor, Sean Hannity. Hannity denied that Cohen was his attorney but told reporters that he expected his conversations with him to be confidential. With rumors swirling about what business Cohen did with Hannity, HFN has been able to uncover the shocking details which go back several years.

It started on Thursday, October 29, 2015, when then-Presidential candidate, Donald Trump, made a campaign appearance at the Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks, Nevada. The following evening, Trump confidant, Sean Hannity, was scheduled to host “An Evening with Sean Hannity” at the Orleans Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Sources close to Hannity tell HFN that Donald Trump arranged for Hannity to fly to Reno to join him at the Grand Sierra Resort and Casino the next day.
Hannity Trump_00000

Hannity showed Trump a story by CNN Money that was published only weeks earlier titled, “This pimp helps his prostitutes pay off student debt.” The article featured Bunny Ranch sex worker, Caressa Kisses, who was able to pay off her $40,000 student loan debt with the help of Bunny Ranch owner, Dennis Hof. It was then when Trump informed Hannity that the Ranch was only 35 miles away and then contacted the brothel to make reservations. Our source tells us that Hannity was initially reluctant to take the trip due to recent news reports of NBA star, Kendrick Lamar, overdosing at the Bunny Ranch earlier that same month. Trump assured him that since it was Halloween they would blend right in, and they made their way to Bunny Ranch Boulevard where they purchased Caressa Kisses and another unnamed sex worker for the evening.
Caressa_00000The conservative duos wild night out remained only a memory until the infamous Access Hollywood tape was released on October 7, 2016. In it, Trump is heard bragging about using his celebrity status to sexually assault women. With that story dominating media headlines, Caressa Kisses apparently wanted to cash in on her story. She sought the advice of her friend and former coworker, Monica Monroe, who was one of the sex workers with Kendrick Lamar when he overdosed at the ranch a year earlier. Monroe had sold her story to media outlets and encouraged Kisses to “shop around” for the best deal. Kisses took her friend’s advice and contacted the National Enquirer, who insisted that she have her attorney work with the company to negotiate the purchase of her story. When Kisses said that she didn’t have an attorney, they recommended one for her. None other than Keith Davidson.

Davidson had also represented porn star Stormy Daniels and Playboy Playmate, Karen McDougal, in selling their stories about the affairs they had with Trump. Daniel’s story was sold to Trump attorney,  Michael Cohen, in a nondisclosure agreement and McDougal’s story was sold to the National Enquirer, though they never published it. Lawyers for both women are now challenging those agreements, arguing that Davidson was secretly working with Michael Cohen to do what was best for Donald Trump, rather than doing what was best for the women he was representing.
According to our sources inside the Justice Department, evidence has been obtained from the raid on Cohen’s office, which confirms that Trump directed Cohen to meet with Sean Hannity and Keith Davidson to “fix the problem” before the public got a hold of the story. Hannity apparently never paid Cohen for his services, but HFN has been told that $150,000 was paid to Caressa Kisses as part of a non disclosure agreement similar to that of Stormy Daniels, and that money is being looked at as an illegal campaign contribution.

HFN has reached out to Michael Cohen and the White House for a comment, but our calls have not been returned. Sean Hannity and Keith Davidson responded to our requests, but declined to comment. Caressa Kisses simply told HFN, “I’m not allowed to talk about it.” HFN will bring you updates on this breaking story as they develop.
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