WINDSOR, UNITED KINGDOM – There was quite a bit of controversy in the days leading up to the Royal Wedding. Between Meghan Markle’s sister staging a photo-op and her father’s announcement that he would not be walking Markle down the aisle, Queen Elizabeth had plenty of objections to the upcoming nuptials. Sources tell HFN that since the engagement announcement, the Queen had many talks with Prince Harry to warn him about problems “this common American gal” could bring to the Royal family. But Harry stood his ground and refused to call off the wedding, Queen Elizabeth sat Markle down and explained that a certain code of conduct is expected, and demanded. A friend close to Markle told HFN that the Queen informed her that the wedding would be planned by a close family associate who, according to Queen Elizabeth, will include just the right amount of symbolism to acknowledge but not draw too much attention to the bi-racial element.”

Markle was reportedly offended and unhappy with the Queen’s statements and later refused to meet with Sarah Burton, creative director of the luxury fashion house Alexander McQueen, who was paid to design the wedding dress for Markle. Burton was previously hired by the Queen and met all expectations when she designed the bridal gown worn by Catherine Middleton at her wedding to Prince William.

After seeing the movie Black Panther, the actress felt more confident to embrace her African roots and reportedly met with Nigerian bridal wear fashion designer, Gbemi Okunlola, who designed a gorgeous traditional African sarong wedding gown for the bride to be. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, reportedly told Markle, “the only thing the old bag would hate more than this is if you skinned one of her yappy little corgis and wore it to the wedding.” Markle agreed to tone down the gown to keep the peace, but her second choice was also not an option under this Queen’s rule, and HFN has obtained a photo of that dress.

Markle Gown 2

Markle described the gown as, “Africa meets Hollywood, meets Royalty.” Markle said that the head-wrap represents a helmet of courage of her enslaved ancestors. Genealogists have reported that her mother’s ancestors can be traced back to enslaved Africans working on a plantation in Jonesboro, Georgia. Markle said that the plunging neckline represents Hollywood and the sacrifices a young female makes to obtain stardom, and the silk thread flowers represent the flora of each Commonwealth country. Queen Elizabeth described the gown as “a bloody nightmare” and told close associates, “this loose tart movie star is wanky if she dreams of wearing that gown.”

It is unknown how the Queen was able to regain control of the wedding plans but what we do know is Markle was a beautiful bride and we wish nothing but the best to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Long live the Queen!

Beth McGoll is a contributing writer for HFN

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